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88London Jewellery is the retail trading brand of Ping Ping Jewellery Ltd., which was established in 2002 by jewellery design expert Susan Lee, who originally trained in Paris. The company is located in Wiltshire, close to Stonehenge, one of the Britain's best-known landmarks. 

Originally specialising in jade and silver and pearl and silver jewellery, the 88London Jewellery range has now expanded to include other materials such as Mother-of-Pearl, Coral (from sustainable sources) and agates such as Carnelian and Onyx. These are all mounted on sterling silver worked to the highest standards by skilled silversmiths.

Many items in the 88London range are Susan's own exclusive designs. Our jade items use only genuine jadeite – the rarest and most sort after type of jade. We use mostly natural coloured A Grade jade, which is simply carved, polished and given a protective wax coating.

For selected pieces, we use what it known as 'B+C' jade, which has been clarified and coloured using a high-tech process so that the colour will not fade. We always state if a piece of jade has been colour-enhanced. (Be aware that some companies claiming to sell 'jade' are - knowingly or unknowingly - actually using substitute materials such as aventurine, serpentine or other inferior materials).

For jade enthusiasts, we can also source larger pieces, such as Buddhas, and stock various one-off pieces of fine jade mounted on gold. All of our silver is marked '925' – sterling silver – and heavier pieces are stamped with our own hallmark which is held at the Birmingham Assay Office.

As well as our affordable ranges of silver jewellery, 88London also specialises in luxurious South Sea and Tahitian pearls, often set in 18 or 24k gold with diamonds. We can also supply strings of such pearls and create bespoke designs to special order.

88London Jewellery operates both retail and wholesale departments, with customers across the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe.

Ping Ping Jewellery Ltd., also operates its own stringing studio. Please see our 'Stringing' page for more information.

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